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Team Training Programs

These are ongoing training programs that are focused on a specific goal.  


Yo'Meathead Mass Builders

This program is all about getting big, strong, and yoked.  Whether you are just trying to build more muscle and fill out those t-shirts or are trying to bulk up for sports, this program is focused on just that.  

GET 70's BIG!

That's the term for guys like Lou Ferrigno, Arnold and Sergio who were muscular and huge but not that super-ripped magazine model look popular with the Face-a-gram crowd.  No, this is about getting huge.

Ripped & Muscular Fat Loss

Looking to shed a few pounds fast?  This is the goal of the Ripped and Muscular program.  It is the same type of training that physique and bikini competitors use to get that ripped and muscular look on stage. 

Even if you aren't going to compete, this program will make sure you look your best at the lake or sunning by the pool.

If you want to look good naked, this is the program for you.

Maverick Functional Fitness

Want a program that isn't the usual barbell and gym machine plan?  That's what the Maverick Functional Fitness plan is.  Using odd equipment like kettlebells, macebells, Bulgarian bags, and more, this program uses flows, circuits, and Escalating Density Training to develop an strong, functional body that not only is ready for anything but looks lean and athletic.

If you are looking for something different, the Maverick Functional Fitness program is for you.

Daily Workout 

Just looking for a workout?  This is a program that does just that.  It gives you a mix of the programs from the other teams along with a solid basic training plan that will help you get in shape, build a little muscle and lose a little fat without the pressure of a long term program.   Whether you workout twice a week or everyday, this program gives you a done for you plan that takes the guesswork out and lets you just enjoy a workout.

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