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You aren't a snot nosed college kid anymore.  You're out in the real world.  You have a job.  A family and you are damn proud of your life so far.  

You don't want to go back to being 18 but kinda wish your chassis was riding like it used to.  You want that power back in the engine, less creaking in the suspension, and not have to put hours in every day to get it.

This is why I created The Dadbod Restomod.  This program will get your body to ride and run like a new car with the styling like you were made in the 60's and 70's.



How Men Over 40 Are Burning Off Belly Fat, Shedding Those Unwanted Pounds, and Restoring Their Vigor and Vitality Without Boring Workouts and Restrictive Dieting

This proven DADBOD RESTOMOD PROGRAM you're about to discover has helped busy men over 40 burn pounds of fat and rebuild lean muscle. If you're frustrated with stubborn belly fat, weight loss plateaus, failed diets & time-consuming workouts, you need to read the tips in this letter:

Ever Hear This One?

I decided to start eating healthy.  I also decided it was best I eat all the junk food in the house so it is not there to tempt me any longer.

A Letter From Your Coach Rich Kahle

Dear Friend,

What I am about to do might be a bit drastic but in this letter, 

I am going to reveal the secrets of how I help busy men over 40...


...Finally start burning body fat in the first 28 days.

And I am going to help you do it without crazy workouts, restrictive diets or modifying your already hectic schedule.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

I am also going to give you my money-back guarantee.  If you work the program and don't see serious results, I will give you your money back.  

If you are like the hundreds of guys like us I have worked with over the years,



You​ have seen it all before.  Magic powders, fad diets, pills and potions.

You probably have some sitting in the pantry right now!

But that spare tire is still there.

Your horsepower is down and you just don't get going like you used to.

Hell, even you're libido sits at idle more than it's overrevved.

You make jokes about the gas tank for the sex machine 

or you have a keg not a six pack but it's a death by a thousand cuts.

You used to be the man.  You used to be in the fight.  You used to be...

Yep, until life got real.  A job with a demanding boss...a house with lawns to mow, drains to unclog, and...a wife wanting you to go shopping with her, rearranging furniture, who mess up your house, need rides to ballet lessons, soccer practice, and parent teacher conferences that all take up your time and pull you away from taking care of you.

Soon you are having a latte and donut on the commute to work...lunches at the desk delivered from a drive-thru window...and dinner out of a pizza box you grabbed on the way back from your job at Dad's Taxi Company.

You have a gym membership and a treadmill in the garage but try not to think about either as you veg out on the couch every night.

Who can blame you?  You're tired. 

Not just from life but of the failed attempts at getting back in shape.

You were on a good rhythm but that meeting with that teacher.

You were getting regular workouts until your boss had that extra project.

You were eating well until Uncle Joe took you all out to that restaurant and...

BLAMO!  Back to couch potato city you went.

Always something came up.  Always something in the way.  Always something made the program impossible to keep up with.

Like it was written by a 20-something single guy with tons of free time and free testosterone who never has to worry about responsibilities beyond bringing booze to the barbecue and if he waxed his car.

So I am right there with you when you look at this the same way.  Big promises from another anonymous muscle man on the internet.  Sounds like the same shitake mushrooms in a different risotto.  

I haven't given you any explanation of how I am going to help you burn bodyfat, lose the spare tire, and overhaul that engine.   

First, let me introduce myself...

We, as men, are almost programmed to keep going, ignoring what might be wrong and just get the job done.  It doesn't matter what it is.  I was no different.

This picture is the day all of that changed for me.  Me and my guys carrying a strongman yoke in a parade.  It was all fun and games until someone (me) has a fatal arrhythmia and dies.

That's right.  I interrupted the whole parade to have the paramedics, fire department and the police have to shock me like they do on television.  I woke up in an ambulance and changed my life in an instant.

Over 20 years as a champion weightlifter, strongman, and powerlifter.  I owned a gym and coached hundreds of athletes to titles in weightlifting, powerlifting, and for sports like football, basketball, softball, tennis and many others. 


Yet, the whole time I was pushing my own health to the back burner.  I put my work ahead of my workouts.  I ate burgers and pizza with the kids and enchiladas with my wife instead of eating the foods I needed to get healthy. 


It was as if I was training for something bad to happen.  Shitty sleep habits.  Shitty nutrition habits.  Shitty self-care.  Until something did happen.

I wish I could tell you I put my Badass Boots on and revolutionized my life from that moment on.  I wish but I can't.  I actually slipped backward and spent the next two years wrestling with more health complications and depression so deep it threatened to swallow me.

But I found something simple.  Just a basic idea.  Eggs for breakfast.  Everyday I had eggs for breakfast.  If I just had eggs for breakfast with some vegetables I could say I had a healthy meal.  I could say I ate healthy.

Then it was just do 10 squats and 10 push ups.  It was exercise.  I could be a feature of the couch all day but if I did those squats and those push ups, I would have worked out.

Then it was simple.  Make it one point for eating healthy and one point for working out.  Now it was a game.  Score more points.  At least one point a day.  

Soon it was a weekly point total.  Five one day and one for five days still makes ten. Now I had momentum and it just got stepped up again.  20 points became 30 and without realizing it.


I had another set back with this Coronavirus.  Even though I tested negative in April, there is a theory that I had it in early January and that is what sent my heart into its erratic behavior.  I spent February until May in quarantine and avoiding all of the behaviors that brought success.  

Now though, I am ready to get started on my next challenge.  Lying in the hospital last week, I made myself a couple promises:

Promise Number One:  I am going to live a lifestyle that ensures I am healthy for my future and my family.

All of those success habits I had used to lose that fat and inches are going to get built back into my life.  I need to be there for my daughters and for my wife.  My wife's father I never got to meet.  I know I regret that but his absence from my children's life and the simple fact he didn't get to walk my wife down the aisle shows the hole left behind when a man loses his health.  

I am not taking mine for granted any longer.  Neither should you.

Promise Number Two:  I am going to share that lifestyle with other men my age so that they can build their health so the boys and girls that call them Dad don't lose them before their time.

Up until now, the leading cause of death for men like us was accidents, suicides and homicides.  Once we pass 40, it becomes heart disease and cancer.  Add to it diabetes, liver disease, stroke and lung disease and you realize the majority of the things that take us away from our families are dramatically improved by diet and exercise.

It is time for me to step up and act like a man.

It is time for you to as well.  You won't have to do it alone.

I lost friends I grew up with.  I was almost one of them.

Kids losing their dad.  Wives left to raise the family alone.

If I can slow that even by a fraction, I will do what I can.  

I'm In Shape.  Round Is A Shape.  Yep and it's a problem. 

Dunlap (as in Dun Lapped Over My Belt) Syndrome, as I like to call it, is a real risk to your health.  It raises the risk of cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. But it has numerous other side effects that are slowing your brain and body down, unbalancing your hormones (testosterone anyone?), on top of making you look like a Dad.

  • It increases inflamation in your body.  Arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis all hit guys our age and make us feel like a 40-something.
  • It puts us at a 50/50 risk of getting deadly cancer in our lifetime.
  • It is an indicator of heart disease which kills almost 400,000 men every year!
  • It actually shrinks your brain and increases your risk of Alzheimers!
  • It puts strain on the heart and reduces blood flow which causes erectile disfunction.
I am the first to admit I just didn't want to deal with these things.  Stress of work and putting food on the table, making time for my wife and kids, and maintaining the house and cars were more than I wanted to deal with.  So, I stuck my head in the sand.

But those markers eventually get called and you end up getting a ride in an ambulance.  I'm putting this in your face because I care about you and what happens to your family.

As much as I didn't want to deal with it, I really wish someone called me out on it.  Grabbed me and said, "Look man, this is serious."

Because that fire and determination that made me a champion and allowed me to bench over 600 pounds would have pushed through and made changes when it would have made a difference.  I would have taken the chance you have today and made a commitment to a new lifestyle.

This whole letter comes down to this right here:

Look, man, this is serious.

You got a lot of people that need you,

that want you at their graduation,

and to walk them down the aisle at their wedding.

You've got a chance to make the changes 

that will make the difference, 


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