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Easy-to-use online platform

Growing up in the age of Atari, I was fascinated with technology and how it could make  me better.  Palm Pilot, Blackberry, and Galaxy Tab (no numbers just Tab).  The TrainHeroic app is free for you to download and will put your program in the palm of your hand.  You leave comments and questions in the app and we make the adjustments you need to get results.

Small yet powerful habits to improve everyday life

The ProCoach platform was created by Precision Nutrition (one of my certifications) to help professionals teach their clients the foundational habits to proper nutrition.  This is not a diet.  It is a real shift in how you interact with food.

Simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins

The Lumen is a hand-held device that measures the amount of CO2 in your breath and tells us if you are burning fat or carbs for fuel.  You will measure your breath and we will know if you are eating right.  When we make an adjustment, we will see the impact on your metabolism and know we are on the right path to getting you the results you want.

Personal coaching and detailed progress checking

Because of this, I can hold you accountable to a level I can't with my in person clients.  You don't have to go it alone.  I am right there with you, literally.  We will check-in routinely and keep you getting the results you need.



$100 / MONTH

This is for those that are looking for guidance, accountability and coaching on a limited basis.   You get access to the basic meal plans, team training program, and unlimited support via the team message board and coach's office hours.


$200 / MONTH


This is the most popular option for men looking to get in shape, have a more guiding hand and regular guidance.  You have the basic meal plans and team training program but upgraded to personalized training


$500 / MONTH


This is the best way to ensure you get the results you want.  Not only do you get daily coaching but you get unlimited email support and priority response to all messages.  


LUMEN Coaching



This is for those clients who are using the Lumen device to measure their metabolism.  We will adjust your program based on your measurements.  This gives you an on-going coaching program with either daily or weekly check-ins.

ProCoach Coaching



This is enrollment in the ProCoach Nutrition coaching program.  Unlike the Lumen program or Meal Planning, this is reshaping how you interact with food and nutrition by shaping the habits that shape your eating and relationship with food.

Meal Plan Design

FROM $100


This is the most basic form of nutrition coaching.  Each meal plan includes a shopping list, recipes, and menu outline for one week.  Depending on your preferences, menu choices can be changed weekly to match your tastes.



Tired of the one size fits all diet?  That's where my plan differs.  We can attack this with one or more tools all designed to work together to truly change the way the food you eat makes you look and feel.

What You Get:

  • Basic Menu Design and Macro Breakdown ($100 value)
  • Hack Your Metabolism With the Lumen ($150 value)
  • Change Your Habits using the ProCoach Platform ($150 value)
  • Unlimited in-app message support ($50 value)
  • High Power Program Personal Training Package ($75 value)

A $525 VALUE




No longer trapped by geography, I can work with you directly just as I would in my hometown.  Using the TrainHeroic app, I will deliver programming to you that includes video instructions for each exercise, track your sets, reps, and weights, and make adjustments to ensure you keep making progress.

What We Do:

  • Online Program Design
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Electronic, Weekly, and On-Demand eCoaching 


  • Daily Workout Team Program $10 
  • High Power Program $75 ($25 if added to Nutrition Coaching)
  • Medalist Program  $200
  • Full-Contact Max Impact Coaching Package $600
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